Granite is a great investment. Nothing can quite compare to natural materials around the home. There are manmade substitutes but just as reproduction furniture looks nice, you know it is not the real thing; the antique that would be worth many times more in monetary terms.

Over time wood and stone were the readymade materials that were commonly used in houses, large and small. In the modern home they are just as relevant to produce a house to be proud of and their presence is likely to add to the value compared to a similar build without the same quality finish.


Granite is hard but it is also absorbent. That is why it needs to be sealed and maintained. If you simply wanted to have something to wipe clean you could use laminates but you would not have the same quality.


When you consider granite worktops  you need to do some research to find a good supplier. There is plenty of information online using the popular search engines. Those companies that have built up a reputation for service and quality will have comprehensive websites with plenty of information. They will be available to answer any questions that are not answered by the website content and will quote without obligation.


When the question arises about granite’s porosity then the answer will be sealing and maintenance. The granite will be sealed on delivery and installation but the job will then be yours to reseal as advised. It is worth the effort and sealants are readily available. It will just be a matter of a few squirts each time so anything you buy will last a very long time.

If the worst happens and your granite stains, the stain can be removed and specialist advice from suppliers will have you prepared just in case. So you need to be very careful with granite but that is the limit of it. On the really positive side it is a stone that adds so much to a kitchen or perhaps a smaller piece in a bathroom.


Now that the property market has recovered many people can think seriously about home improvements as a good investment. Many more people seem to be thinking about moving home now that there are more potential buyers looking to view houses. Developers can once again look at projects in the expectation that there is good rental demand or potential buyers for conversions.

All of these people should consider how best to make their properties stand out from the crowd. One way to do that is certainly by using natural stone to help create a stunning kitchen. There are good companies out there that can show anyone how to do it.

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