Bangalore is a major territory for real estate and hence it is not surprising that a tech company like has used the city as a platform to launch numerous services. Bangalore real estate offers numerous service opportunities. Most of the technology companies have established their headquarters and offices in Bangalore for the same reason.

What Makes Bangalore a Potent Market?

First of all, the real estate markets of Bangalore are driven by end users. Therefore the demands of end users have a major say in the property development and associated services. The consumers are aware of their position of power and hence exhibit their needs willingly.

The second major reason is that Bangalore presents a robust market. The city has led the property sales even through the lean times. It saw an increase in sales with the signs of economic revival across the country. It is one of the most important economic hubs of the country and therefore the purchasing power of the buyers here is higher than most other cities in India.

Last-but not the least; Bangalore is the hub of IT industry in India. Historically, the city has been an important centre of research. The masses are open to experimental products and new service offerings. The residents of the city represent a bulk of early adopters of technology. This means that the chances of Bangalore accepting a new technology services are better than other cities of the country.

This is the reason why has been successfully able to introduce its latest offerings of rental service agreements and Slice View in the city.

Housing Services Available in Bangalore

Bangalore enjoys the full range of services offered by The portal is freely accessible by all buyers looking for house for sale in Bangalore. Hence one can search for all types of accommodations in the city for purchase or lease. All those who are interested in home loans can also use the housing portal’s home loan eligibility calculator to find out their eligibility and select home loan plans accordingly. Property agents and their services are also easily accessible and available in Bangalore. also introduced its innovative tool called Slice View for new projects when it unveiled the projects of Tata Value Homes in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. This tool currently allows users to view Tata Value Homes’ flats in Bangalore and the other cities. It is an interactive feature which allows users to view homes of a new project and book them online as well.

Rental Agreement Service

But one service that is currently exclusively available in Bangalore is the service for online rental agreements. Witnessing the service gap in rental services, has offered this opportunity to home owners to create their own rent agreements, calculate and pay stamp duty and have it delivered at the tenant’s address within 48 hours of initiation.

Creating the rental agreement has been made childishly easy. The user does not have to have any knowledge about the legal terminologies and processes. All that he/she is required to do is to fill in the details in a logical manner and the language format is automatically created with each unique detail.

In Conclusion has been able to successfully offer all its services and features in Bangalore. The city has proven to be the appropriate testing grounds for any groundbreaking feature offered.