Television has become a staple in most households and is probably the best form of entertainment around. So what do you do when your cable TV fails you and you’re left watching a blank or snowy screen? First of all, take a deep breath and calm down. It’s all going to be okay at some point.

Don’t panic and lose your sanity if your cable TV goes out. Here are some quick and easy alternatives that will save your mind and feed your TV addiction.

Read a Book 

Well I know that reading may not be a high priority for you, but it will entertain and may even teach you a thing or too. Whatever you like from mystery to action adventure, you can always find something that is right for you. Reading opens up a whole new world of imagination and entertainment. You have the ability to travel to new worlds and explore an entirely new world beyond the 42” screen that is silent and black.

Rent a Movie

If you have a DVD player, why not check out a DVD from a Redbox. You can make it a movie night alone or with your family. Pick out an old favorite or find a new one. Make up a bunch of popcorn, get your drink and kick back. You’ll have fun and be entertained for a couple hours and won’t even realize your cable is down.

Play Board Games

Getting back to the family mode, why not make it a game night and reconnect with your spouse and children. If you have fond memories of playing Clue or Monopoly, why not rekindle those memories and even make a few new ones. You can bond in a special way and you might even designate one night family night every week.

Cable Alternatives

You don’t necessarily have to have cable to get streaming movies and television programming. There are alternatives available to you. Walk into any retail store and check out the electronics area. You’ll find Roku or HuluPlus. These services are your alternative to cable when it goes out.

For a small monthly fee, you have access to thousands of movies and televisions programs without having to use cable. You can also use your own devices like computers, tablets or smart phones to access streaming movies and programs. You may enjoy it so much that you may not even want cable back.

HDTV Antenna

If you are really addicted to television, your best alternative is buying an HDTV antenna. Technology has improved the quality of over the airwaves broadcasting so that most television stations broadcast in high definition. Best part is that it’s a free service and not subject to cable outages.

Antennas like As Seen on TVClear TV sold by DrLeonards Store is lightweight, portable and easy to hook up. It’s used inside so that you have the option of where you want to place it. You simply plug the antenna into your antenna port on your television, program you television and that’s it. You’ll receive high definition programming with crystal clear imaging and without your cable programming.

There’s really no other way to say it, but it hurts deep when you realize your cable is out. Your palms sweat and your heartbeat races just a little faster. TV addiction isn’t anything to laugh about. It’s something real for some people. You do have alternatives when your cable goes out the next time. Who knows, you may even decide to get rid of cable completely. You have the power, you just have to take that first big step.