Even though the recession is fading in the UK the memory of it has not gone away. Consumers are growing in confidence but that does not mean they are prepared to knowingly throw money around. There are household bills that must be met every month and it appears that many consumers are paying far too much for their energy because of the complex tariff system that suppliers have instigated. As many as 60% of consumers are on variable tariffs and the ones that seem to be suffering most are those that have shown loyalty to a single supplier over years.  It is good advice to examine the whole situation with a view to finding ways to reduce energy consumption, such as through home improvements which make the home more energy efficient.


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Consumer Waste

Even though there have been small price cuts announced recently, the variable tariffs are still considerably more expensive than the standard fixed deals that are available right cross the market place. The news comes from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The suggestion is that the total amount of money being wasted by consumers across the board is around a staggering £2.7 billion annually.

Home Improvements

Price comparison websites may offer some guidance to people who think they may be getting a raw deal. Why waste money unnecessarily? The minimal reductions implemented recently are no reason to feel a current supplier is acting fairly with its customers. While online, what about looking at something else as well; UPVC window manufacturers? UPVC windows are thermal insulators and reduce lost heat, therefore an energy efficient house is likely to use less energy and that puts more money in a family’s pocket.

Gather Information

Granted there is the cost of having good quality doors and windows installed, but such modernisation is likely to add to the value of any property. Websites like www.sierrawindows.co.uk are typical of ones that will provide plenty of information on the subject. It is a simple exercise to look through the pages of a website to get more information and then to ask questions that come to mind. There is no obligation whatsoever even if a quotation for installation is requested.

UPVC window manufacturers that have established a good reputation are happy to stand by that reputation. It is too important to them to lose for the sake of a single deal. The days of the companies in the double glazing sector offering huge commissions to salesmen to write business have gone. Priority is given to quality products and customer service. It is perhaps something a few of the energy suppliers could learn.

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