When buying a home in the UK there are always a number of considerations that will be at the forefront of your mind. Clearly price is a massive concern, as is location, transport links, schools and open space.

This all adds up to create a quality of life in a certain place. After all it’s not just your home that makes you feel happy. Your surroundings always have an effect. If this could be a “deal breaker” for you when moving home, take a look at the UK’s top locations for a better quality of life.


Located in the northeast of Hampshire, the district of Hart has been found to be the best place to live in the UK. According to a 2011 survey measuring the quality of life throughout Britain it was found that residents of Hart are healthier, better paid and better educated than our nation’s average.

Included in the region are the towns of Fleet and Yateley which continue to prosper amid a struggling British economy. The River Hart flows through the rural area which has 1,000 buildings that are listed as being of special architectural or historical interest, as well as having over 30 conservation areas.

Location is key here, with plenty of green space all around and being only an hour’s drive from both London and the South Coast you couldn’t be better placed.

CBW aerial shot.-Chelsea Bridge Wharf,


Topping the survey for the previous three years, Elmbridge in Surrey just missed out on top spot in 2011. Home to many Premier League stars due to the close proximity to the Chelsea training ground in Cobham, residents here benefit from some of the largest homes in the UK with 6.1 bedrooms being the average. School results are high and there’s supposedly two hours more sunshine enjoyed than the UK’s average – second place doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Shetland Islands

For those living north of the border, the Shetland Islands have been named as the best place to settle in a separate study focussing solely on Scotland.

The employment rate here is the highest in the country – close to 84% – with many residents earning weekly incomes above the nation’s average. Most who call the Shetlands home are fit and in good health with life expectancy over 77 years. Crime is low and education standards high, but perhaps the biggest difference with the top scorers in England is the house prices compared to residents earnings.

The average house price is 4.2 times average gross annual local earnings – below the average for Scotland of 4.7. Great quality of life – and affordable!

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